China Polyvinyl Alcohol Manufacturer for Food Applications

Haitung Group Limited, a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, introduces its latest product innovation that utilizes Polyvinyl Alcohol in food applications. This versatile polymer, commonly known as PVA, is a water-soluble and biodegradable ingredient that has been approved for use in food packaging, coatings, and films.

Our PVA-based food-grade product is an excellent choice for food manufacturers looking for an eco-friendly solution to preserve and enhance their products. PVA film bags maintain the freshness, quality, and safety of food products by acting as a barrier against moisture, dust, and odor.

In addition to its exceptional moisture resistance, PVA is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and odorless, making it an ideal choice for food packaging. Our PVA-based film bags are also easy to pack, seal, and store, making them a convenient choice for food manufacturers.

Haitung Group Limited is committed to providing quality, innovative, and sustainable solutions to meet the global market's demands. Our PVA-based food-grade product is just one example of our efforts to deliver sustainable solutions to our customers.
  • Polyvinyl alcohol is a popular food additive that is being used in a multitude of food products nowadays. It is a water-soluble synthetic polymer that is often added to food items such as noodles, snack foods, and baked goods to enhance their texture and stability. One of the most common applications of polyvinyl alcohol in food is in the making of instant noodles. It helps to prevent the noodles from breaking apart during the cooking process and gives them a firm and elastic texture. It also adds a certain level of viscosity to the broth, enhancing its overall mouthfeel and flavor. Polyvinyl alcohol is also used as a coating agent for fruits and vegetables. It acts as a barrier against moisture loss, thereby increasing the shelf life of the produce. This makes it a popular choice for many food packaging applications. Overall, polyvinyl alcohol is a highly versatile food additive that offers a range of benefits to the food industry. It is safe for consumption and has no known adverse effects on human health when consumed in moderate amounts. From instant noodles to packaging materials, the applications of polyvinyl alcohol in food continue to expand, making it an important ingredient in the food manufacturing sector.
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